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Prochem shows at Interclean 2010

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Prochem puts pressure onbetter cleaning performance

Prochem Europe hasintroduced induction drive pump technology to its popular Steempro rangeof carpet and upholstery cleaning machines.

Pump failure is

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Featured Article: The Dos and Don'ts of Remodeling Your Basement

Remodeling your basement can be an excellent way to make more space in your house. Remodeling isn't without difficulties, though, and you need to be mindful of county laws and ordinances, along with the weather and any potential for mold or moistu read more...

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Blog Post: Only 44 percent of American Consumers Trust Companies' Green Claims

So you think its the right marketing or philosophical choice to be a green cleaning company, but how do you know that the green products you use are

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-Effective at actually cleaningremoving contaminants?

-

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simplehuman Automatic Liquid Soap/Lotion Dispenser

For many people life is more the hard way than the easy.Any product or technology that makes life a bit easier is usually more than welcome.A popular response after we have tasted the convenience a mechanical helping hand provides, is the "I can't read more...

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Featured Article: Move-In & Move-Out Home Rental Cleaning

Many tenants worry about getting their security deposits back. Having a professional service clean the unit after everyone has moved out is one way to help guarantee the unit will be clean and ready for inspection by the landlord. Should there be read more...

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How to Get Fit - Tips for Baby Boomers

A new generation is getting involved with gyms and fitness programs in record numbersthe baby boomer generation. The 78 million Americans who make up this generation are savvier and better versed in fitness than any other aging generation seen bef read more...

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Featured Article: Spring into Action and Stow Away your Winter Wardrobe

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For most of us, the weather is finally warming up. This is a good time to spring into action and organize your winter wardrobe to stow away for next year.

Winter Clothes